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Here We Go

So… I’m starting a blog. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! I’ve been procrastinating this moment for about a year now. What do I say? Will anyone listen? Will anyone even care? Well… I guess I won’t find out until I start. Here we go.
To me this blog gives me the opportunity to build my brand. What’s my brand you ask? Well, of course, it’s yourself! You are your own brand. How you present yourself in public, in private, on social media. You cannot get away from it. How do you want to be perceived?  What do you want to be known for?
I want to be known for changing lives. As a personal trainer I get the opportunity to do this everyday. I take pride in the fact that I have very few ab selfies and bikini pics and more pictures of my real life, family, and the people I influence and the people who influence me.
I want to be known for being successful. Success comes in various forms. To me success means I am killing it as a fiancé, as a business owner, and in the gym to list a few. Though all of those are some of my measures of success, I’d say my biggest reminder is am I happy? The answer for me in this moment, stage of my life, and year is yes.
I want to be know for living my life as I see fit. Living as a 20 something has been a ride. The older I get the more I love myself and the more I just don’t give a shit. These two things did not come easy, but it is achievable and it is maintainable.
Through the next few weeks you will get to learn my strengths, my weaknesses, my thoughts, my feelings. Feel free to take my advice or throw it to the side. Ask me questions. Use my workouts. Copy my style. Whatever it may be let’s do it together.




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