Not All Envy is Created Equal

So as most of you know I am getting married in 148 days. Wow time has gone by fast! Though I’ve gotten a lot done there is still so much more to do. Finalize bridesmaids dresses (s/o to my girls!), tuxes, decor and more! There is just one little constant nagging reminder in the back of my head reminding me that I have to fit into my wedding dress. 
This reminder can seriously put a damper on my day. While most people would find this as motivation I get lost in my emotions and start to feel the pressure. So the question is, have you ever let your emotions get in the way of your success?

As you can see here I am totally someone that has done that, and still do from time to time out of old habit. But know that gaining control of your emotions is another one of those freeing fearless moment. 

Jealousy, fear, anxiety are just a few that stand out to me. Do you ever think I want what she has? Why can’t I do that? Or why am I not good enough for x, y, and z?

The funny thing about envy is it can go one of two ways. It can be benign or it can be malicious. Not all envy is created equal. 

Benign envy is totally worth it. This can help drive you, keep you focused, and keep you motivated. This sounds like admiration and inspiration. Maybe you would love to have a business, relationship, physique, or whatever it may be like the woman you look up to. It’s good to have role models! Find those women who empower you and use their drive as your own. Keep on the path and you will find success too!

Malicious envy is sabotaging. It’s a feeling of ill will against someone else for the things they have and hoping that they fail. It’s comparison at its worst. It’s the desire to deprive others of what you don’t have. Don’t be this person. You get a choice, so choose admiration!
Shift your brain to the feeling you desire. One thing that I love to do is give people genuine compliments. These are things I do not throw around lightly. If a woman has great hair let her know! If you like her shoes say it out loud. Compliments keep the malicious envy at bay and helps you lift someone else up in the process. After all, we should be empowering each other every day. 


“Strong women. May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.”


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