“You can’t sit with us.”

Yesterday I met with a new client for the first time. As we sat there talking about her goals we came to the conclusion that she needs to start her fitness journey to fix her confidence. As I watched this girl come to this realization I saw so much of myself in her. 
When I was 23 I started to develop some serious self confidence issues. Confidence had always been an issue, but at this point in my life it was taking over my brain. I pristinely counted my macros, worked out twice a day, weighed myself multiple times throughout the day, and still felt like I wasn’t doing enough. My inner mean girl was running full force.

With the help of friends I finally started to see how mean I really was to myself. I took note of the amount of times I said just straight up cruel things and really started to be more aware. The voices in my head had started bringing plus ones to the party and they were not on the guest list. 

Awareness was step one in project silence my inner Regina George. If I said something negative my friends would correct me, and eventually I started to correct myself. Now this took months and you absolutely have to work on it. It doesn’t feel natural. It is definitely not automatic, but it will be with time and work. Replace your negative self talk with positive compliments and you will eventually believe them. 

There are so many people in the world to point out your flaws, so stop being one of them. Take time to meditate, journal, or workout to self reflect. Every morning name 3 positive things about yourself. Keep notes by your mirror. Remind yourself hoursly, daily, weekly, etc. Positivity is the key to a healthy mind, a happy life, and a thriving business. Keep thriving. 



Take home to mom: Tell your nasty negative self, “You can’t sit with us.”


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