Google It

This weekend was wonderful. Besides all of the wedding stress we had some great meals and conversations with friends and family. But, best for last, my fiancé and I had a 4 hour The Walking Dead marathon Friday night. We recently became obsessed within the last month and have binged watched up to season 5. Those nights are the absolute best nights. 
Is there anything you’re obsessed with that you just want to know everything about? This is exactly how I get when I decide I want something. I learn every single aspect of whatever it may be so I know I will succeed. I immerse myself in my project until I know every in and every out.  

If you could make sure that you couldn’t fail at something would you do it? What if you could eliminate failure as even being an option laid out on the table? If your answer is yes then here’s my advice…go do it.

I am a super inquisitive person. I ask my fiancé so many questions everyday that his go to response is, “Google it.” But he’s so right. What area do you want to be successful? Work? Fitness? Happiness? Maybe a job interview or how to play guitar? How to… The resources are unlimited. Go google it. Learn everything about it. Learn how to be successful. Teach yourself how to be successful. 

Google may lead you to a class, a group, or a seminar. It may show you a YouTube video, lead you to a business expert, or send you to a blog. Either way you have the tools in front of you. Learn. Ask for help. Follow through. Tell me, what will you follow through on today? 


Take home to mom: you have all the tools and resources to be successful. Use them. 


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