3 Women Walk into a Coffee Shop

I’m sitting in Starbucks drinking a tall blonde roast trying to just work through my cloudy brain this morning. All I need to do right now is study, focus, and get the next 5 chapters of this certification that I’ve been working on done. The end is near. Home stretch. Focus! I look over at the table next to me and there are 3 beautiful women talking business and writing in their planners and talking products. Just when I thought I was having trouble finding something to write about today it sat down next to me.

Everyone says write from your heart. Listen to you heart. Originality comes from your heart. Well right now my brain and my heart are not in sync. My brain says sleep, no wait study… just kidding look at Instagram. My heart says write. So I will write…

I see these women and immediately feel inspired. I love seeing hard women at work running through ideas for their business. This makes me want to sit down, write my business plan, and knock it out! That simple right? Well maybe not. I have so many questions for them.

I want to know their story. How did you start being my first question. What inspires you? What motivated you to quit your 9-5? Why are you passionate about this product? What drives you? Did you start on your own, or did you have someone to help you? 

Recently I am finding inspiration around every corner. I’ve been reading a lot of books, following a lot of IG accounts, and listening to a lot of podcasts. Everyday my vision for my life becomes clearer. Everyday I take one more step to the future I desire. You can too. 

Inspiration is all around when you are passionate. Take your passion and open your eyes. Look. Listen. Observe. 

I know this post is vague, but stay tuned. There’s more to come.



Take home to mom: There is inspiration all around if you just take the time to look. 


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