Be More Assertive Than Olivia Pope

I’m sitting on my couch watching Scandal and Olivia starts crying… again. I think my cousin said it best that they started out with such a strong female character and then she randomly started rolling over for men. I’m of course paraphrasing. Why do they have this badass of a woman have random moments of horrible judgement. Don’t get me started on the crying! There is so much crying! This got me thinking about women and assertiveness.

Watch a man introduce himself. Very straight forward, right? Arm extended and hand out, “John Doe.” Women, we don’t do that? With a softer appearance and for some reason a higher pitched voice than normal,”Hi… I’m Jane Doe.” Being in the business I am in I see so many women that are unsure of themselves. There is nothing that I would love more than to see assertive women. 

Asking for what you want isn’t a bad thing. Do you want a raise? Need something from your significant other? Want to make the sale? Sit down, organize your thoughts, and go for it.

Asking for what you want doesn’t make you bossy, it just makes you sure of yourself. Take out the um’s, I guess, and maybes. Say what you mean. Be clear. Be direct. 

Always be conscious of your tone. Asking for what you want doesn’t make you bossy, but being bossy does. In short being assertive is awesome, being a bitch is not. 

So go out and be awesome! You already know what it is that you desire. Go get it! 



Take home to mom: Be assertive and get what you’ve been working for. After all, you deserve it! 


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