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Change Never Comes From Comfort Zones

How was everyone’s weekend? Good! Let me give you a rundown of mine. On Friday I slept from 7p to 7a. It. Was. Awesome! 

On Sunday I went on a double date to Cyclebar in Chesterfield with my fiancé and friends. No, the guys did not see this as a date, but I paid for brunch after so fair is fair. It was pretty great though. I loved the music, they provide water, a towel and shoes, and I loved seeing the leaderboard. I am always way more motivated by a leaderboard. Can you tell I’m competitive? 

The atmosphere is modern and the lighting is unique. Overall I would totally recommend trying it out they’re offering free classes through Sunday, so try to get one in!
Do you ever feel like your life just runs in a circle? Just cycling through the same few monotonous motions? My challenge for you this week is to switch it up. 

I get so comfortable in my routine that when anything throws it off I am completely boggled my entire day (something I’m working on). Trying out that class this weekend reminded me how awesome it is to throw something random in your week. Yes, I was uncomfortable. I couldn’t breath. My lungs burned and my quads burned. But after… after I felt amazing. 

You have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to get to that amazing feeling of euphoria. Take the chance and change your career. Take a chance to start a new workout routine. Take a chance to start a business. Push yourself. Feel the burn. You will always feel better after the hard part is over. 



Take home to mom: Push yourself outside your limit. Change never comes from comfort zones. 


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