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Perfectionism and PaleOMG

Alright ladies and gents, I’m finally getting the chance to sit down. I’m getting this out a little later today than I anticipated, but better late than never! 

So lately I’ve been listening to a bunch of podcasts. A couple that I love are My Favorite Murder and Style Your Mind Podcast. Kind of opposites right? Well let me give you a little background. I love murder shows. Unsolved mysteries are the best and Dateline is everything. I also love women empowerment and motivation, obviously. 

My go to gal is and has always been, for the last few years at least, Juli Bauer with PaleOMG. She has totally been my fitness influence and who started my mostly paleo lifestyle. You could totally say I’m obsessed with her and want to be her in every way. It’s that good type of envy we’ve talked about. I want her closet and her abs. Obviously. But you should definitely check out her blog!

This is her and I’m not even sure if I’m allowed it use this picture. No idea who to give photo cred to. Sorry! 

Eating paleo has kind of changed my life. 

First, I love to cook now. The recipes I’ve made have been incredible and I fell back in love with my food. Plain old chicken and broccoli wasn’t cutting it for me and it made me not want to “eat healthy.” Paleo has helped me cook incredibly flavorful food and enjoy what I eat. 

Second, I think I have several food allergies/intolerances. No, I’ve never gone to a doctor. I know, I should get that checked out, but my body with gluten and without gluten is totally different. There are so many awful things gluten does to your body. I’m not going to go into that, but you can google it or comment and I can go into more detail. 

Third, I’m SO much better at cooking. I can modify recipes for ingredients I have and don’t have. I understand when to use what spices and with what. I’m faster. I’m more efficient. I can actually cook more than one thing at a time. Practicing really does help.

While listening to PaleOMG Uncensored she said something that stuck with me. If you’re trying for perfection every time you’re going to fail. Again, paraphrasing.

This is something I struggle with. The perfectionist that I try to be always tries to come out. With these posts I proof read about once and hit post before I start picking at it and chicken out, but with time and practice they’ll get better. 

I didn’t absolutely love cooking because I wasn’t necessarily good at it. I didn’t like lifting because I wasn’t very good at it. I didn’t want to start this blog because I didn’t know if I would be good at it.

Cooking, lifting, posting. You just have to do it. Practice and practice often. Whatever you’re doing doesn’t have to be perfect. You learn from your mistakes, you tweak your form, you pay attention to what readers respond to and you keep trying. 

Perfectionism never means you’ll be perfect, but it does mean you are allowing yourself to fail more often. Let yourself make mistakes and let them go. Set yourself up for success always. 



Take home to mom: Dont strive for perfect, strive for better than the last time. 


One thought on “Perfectionism and PaleOMG

  1. I love Juli, too! Her recipes are the best, but I think it’s her fun spirit that keeps me coming back for more. Her podcast is the absolute best. It’s always awesome to see other women going out and doing amazing things – especially when they embrace who they are in the process!


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