No One Can Bond With Perfect

Today I have been exhausted. It’s raining, I didn’t sleep well, we did yard work all day yesterday, and well, I’ve got a bad case of the Mondays. I really didn’t plan on writing, but I heard something earlier today that I needed to share. 
I’ve been listening to a lot of female entrepreneur’s podcasts lately and I was thinking about why I like them so much. I love listening to a real person tell their story about their own accounts. It is far more real than Instagram or Facebook. You learn their struggles and fears, how they got to where they are, and my favorite part how they failed and how they became a success. 

I’ve come to learn that no one can bond with perfect. I love hearing all of their hard times. These are women I have never met, but I feel like I’ve know them. They open their hearts to help you, their listeners, succeed. It’s ok to have a bad day, go through a bad situation, and feel like you need help. Maybe listening to someone else’s struggles will help you through yours. 

These women have had so many things go wrong throughout their process, and having things go wrong makes you human. It gives you the opportunity to bond with others. Let your friends show up and show out. This is why we have friends! 

Something I’ve been reminded of recently is you have to tell someone that something is wrong. If you don’t tell anyone how will they know? People cannot read minds!

May of times I’ve seen people get mad and blast someone on social media. You don’t have to crucify them to justify your own existence. Let people in to the experience you are having. Give yourself the opportunity to bond with another imperfect person. Give someone the chance to show empathy or sympathy. Keep yourself open to others so you can do the same. Another disaster of a person may be looking for someone just like you too. 

Listen. Build each other up. Be perfectly imperfect. And remember, Monday is almost over. 


Take home to mom: No one can bond with perfect, so be imperfect. 


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