Excuses or Results 

Yesterday was my 3 year anniversary with my super awesome fiancé! It’s funny to think about where we started 3 years ago. We were both just a little too much. Now we at least kind of have our shit together. Pat on the back for that one, Babe.
This guy has pushed me so far outside my comfort zone so many times. He started as my own personal trainer and totally kicked my butt. I just recently started to get back into those really tough workouts that I used to love. 

This past weekend I tried out Shred415 in Brentwood, MO. My friend, Miguel, taught the class and totally made me melt into a pool of sweat. I’m very thankful for my workout partner who pushes me to work harder and listens to my constant complaints. Seriously, constant. The entire time. Sorry, not sorry, Steph.

The class was just what I needed! Sunday workouts have become my absolute favorite and help get my week off to a perfect start. There is no better feeling than a really hard conditioning workout. I love my weights during the week, but I need to be buried sometimes for my mental health. 

Those tough workouts put my mood and energy on another level. They make me feel strong, confident, and capable. This is what I wish for all of you. If you aren’t currently in a workout routine I encourage you to do so! There is no excuse not to take care of yourself. 

You can make excuses, or you can get results. You can’t do both.

This week I encourage you to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Get outside. Get in a gym. Get the feeling you desire.



Take home to mom: Push yourself outside your comfort zone. There is no excuse to not live you life you desire. 


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