Motivation is BS

Mornings like these are my favorite. I’m sitting on the couch with my pups while drinking a nice bold cup of coffee, watching the Today show, and enjoying the sunshine. 

My thoughts today are that I have 15 days until my bachelorette party and man I need a vacation! The more I talk about it the more excited I get, so I’m just going to keep talking about it. 

This week I’ve really zoned in on my meal prepping and am kicking my workouts up a notch. We are getting close to 100 days till the wedding and the stress is real. 

How did I stay motivated for 200 and whatever days? 

The answer is I didn’t. I was reading an article about motivation and how it doesn’t matter. Motivation is BS. It is just another excuse not to do something. 

Discipline beats motivation every time. 

Most clients- most people- only feel they should be doing something when they are motivated. They ask questions like, Should I go to the gym today? Should I eat healthy today? Their answer? Either hell yes or hell no! If you feel motivated you do it, and if you don’t feel motivated you don’t.

This is not how it works. There is absolutely no way I am motivated to workout everyday. I am not motivated to eat healthy every day, but you do it to get the results you want. 

I just had a conversation with my clients the other day that getting you the results you desire means you have to make sacrifices. How much are you willing to sacrifice? 

The feeling of motivation should not drive your actions. Motivation is not important to the actions you decide to take. The majority of the time you may not be feeling motivated. You may feel the “hell no” most of the time and that’s ok! This is the time to show discipline and do it anyway. Once you do it the feeling of euphoria kicks in and you will be happy you did. 

You can choose to do, or you can choose to do not. That is your choice. Remind yourself of the feeling you get when you choose to do. 

Choose to do today and make this day one of discipline. 


Take home to mom: Motivation is BS. Discipline beats motivation every time. 


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