Humble Looks Good on You

Yesterday evening my fiancé and I had family over to our house while his sister cooked us an awesome homemade meal. Times like these make you reflect and think about how grateful you are for all of the wonderful people in your life. 
I have been taught so many lessons by these people. My mom taught me to be genuinely nice and help others. My sister-in-law taught me to be strong and stand up for yourself and your beliefs. My fiancé has taught me how to be open and love fully. My dad has taught me to work hard and be humble.

Work hard and be humble. This is something I feel so many people could learn from. 

Recently I have heard different stories about people spending x amount of money on gambling, vacations, cars, etc. These things, material things, do not impress me. 

I grew up very blessed, but always always grateful. I was taught that stuff is just stuff. Stuff can always be replaced. Do you know what can’t be replaced? Relationships.

Are you a good person? Do you get along with others? Do you genuinely show interest when you ask me a question? Do you give as much as you take? 

These are the the things that I am impressed by. A good, genuine, honest human being is sometimes hard to come by. When you find someone that is proving to be a great friend you have to hold on to that. Work at it. Show humility.

Being humble is a wonderful quality to possess. Enjoy your humble brag every now and then, but most importantly work on being a good human. More people will remember you for that.


Take home to mom: Work hard. Be humble. Do great things. 


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