Ramily & Family

I took a little break from blogging recently. The past few weeks have been madness consisting of a Bachelorette party, Mother’s Day, finalizing wedding invites, and visiting my brother and his fiancé in Nashville. Here are a few pictures to catch you up! 
Charleston, SC #MCsBeachelorette
Mother’s Day brunch

This MOH did all of my calligraphy! 

And last but not least a little Nashville family fun! #portraitmode 
Recently I had the opportunity to apply for something that I think would be a great opportunity. It was very unexpected and very out of the blue, but it’s one of those opportunities a lot of people don’t get. 

A past opportunity that I will forever be grateful for was being apart of the St. Louis Rams family, or Ramily. This too is an opportunity most people don’t get to experience.

The opportunities and missed opportunities I had really helped shape me into the person I am. I found my strengths. I found my weaknesses. I learned more about myself than I had ever known before. I have since worked on those strengths and bettered those weaknesses and can truly say I’m a better, stronger person. 

The year after I was no longer apart of the team was rough, and the decision to not audition the year after was even harder. I knew that I was still not in the place I needed to be mentally to audition again. I couldn’t confidentially say I was ready to be on that team again, so I put my Pom Pom dreams aside. 

It may have been a missed opportunity, but I had to put myself first. Because I did that I am able to cofidentaly send in an application and be able to accept the outcome of the opportunity presented. This is a win. This is growth. This shows me that all of the FOMO I had for 2 years was worth it! Lol.

I miss my Ramily and I miss the girls, but distancing myself at the time was for my health and mental state. There is no better feeling than knowing what I did was the right decision. I love my Ramily and am so happy to be the woman I am now because of them. 💙💛



Take home: Accept the FOMO and focus on yourself. Another door will always open, and just maybe you’ll be in the right headspace to accept it. 

Throwback!! 💙💛


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